Responsive Websites

Community Economics needed to update their web presence in order to better:

  • • Communicate the company’s value proposition to prospective clients;
  • • Reinforce trust with existing clients;
  • • Clearly communicate the CEI expertise;
  • • Support the CEI business development plan;
  • • Bring the CEI brand and digital footprint up-to-date, with a sense of currency and freshness.

I accomplished this by:

  • • Creating a site navigation that it is easily understandable, searchable, and navigable, and easy for users from all audiences to follow;
  • • Designing a typographic hierarchy that is clearly structured and readable on all platforms;
  • • Incorporating new branding system (logos and colors);
  • • Committing to mobile-friendly, responsive design (layout and hierarchy of the site change according to the screen size of the device being used to view it);
  • • Adopting best practices for site navigation and searchability, including SEO for Google visibility;
  • • Developing a Wordpress Content Management System so that CEI staff can easily make site content changes;
  • • Developing an editorial and design plan for focusing on the stories and people of CEI and their clients, repurposing and featuring the content created for the CEI Book in web format.